Olsson Manufacturing

Olsson Manufacturing

  • The RB-3W and RB-4W Crane Davit
  • The RC-7 Crane Davit
  • The RC-8 Crane Davit
  • The RS1 Transom Davit
  • The RS1 Transom Davit in Black
  • The RS-4 and RS-5 Transom Davit
  • The RS-4 and RS-5 Transom Davit by Olsson MFG.,
  • The RS-75 Transom Davit
  • The RS-75 Transom Davit by Olsson MFG.,
  • The RS-7 and RS-8 Transom Davit

Olsson Mfg. - Pioneers of Transom Davit Technology

Olsson Products - Proudly made in the USA

Olsson Products are manufactured in Seattle, WA U.S.A.

Olsson Mfg. pioneered the original transom fork design some 25 years ago. Since the original, we have worked to provide vessel owners many options. We believe you shouldn't sacrifice your vessel's performance to take along your tender. Nor should you need to stow your tender items in your valuable vessel space.

Olsson Mfg. - Boom Davits

Sleek lines and an unobtrusive stance on the deck are among the features for which Olsson Mfg. Crane Davits are known. From lightweight and removable to stout and permanent, the gelcoat-like finishes make these look like the came from the vessel's manufacturer.

Olsson Mfg. - Deck Cranes

Beyond the Crane Davit line, Olsson Mfg. has manufactured Deck Cranes for decades. From 2000 to 8000 pounds, our engineering staff is prepared to meet your project needs.

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Action!See how easy our Transom Davits, Deck Cranes, and Boom Davits are to use.

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Olsson Mfg. Products - Where to Buy

Dealer Locations Now available at select retail locations throughout Canada and the United States.

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